Our Weapons

New and used weapons at the best price!

“Techniques Chasse et Pêche” has been recognized for more than 40 years for its sale and purchase of new and used hunting weapons.

We offer high quality guns from all reputable brands. Large calibers are in the spotlight whether it's 22, 30-30, 270, 300, 30-06, 308 or 7 millimeters, we really have all the models (bolt action, semi-automatic or others) and all the calibers. Same thing for guns. 10 or 12 gauge for waterfowl, turkey and others. Or 20 calibers for small game hunting, we have them all. One shot, two shots with superimposed barrels, pump, semi-automatic, the choice is yours. Ditto for the popular black powder rifles.

Our used hunting guns section offers excellent guns of all calibers and for all tastes. Weapons that have been inspected and checked for your safety. You really have to go to the shop to see the weapons, because the stocks are renewed regularly due to our very popular service of purchase of weapons. Again, just go to the store to have your weapons evaluated for free.

At "Techniques Chasse et Pêche" the "weapons" section offers restricted weapons including several pistols. We have bows and crossbows for all types of hunting and, of course, ammunition for all calibers and for all types of weapons. We sell and install the best scopes on your weapons and offer an external gunsmithing service.

Yes "Techniques Chasse et Pêche" offers quality weapons and equipment, but, once again, what differentiates us on the market are our on-site advisers, who will guide and accompany you during the purchase or sale. of a weapon. Being enthusiasts themselves, they can only be excellent advisers.

*It is important to have a firearm authorization and possession permit.