Everything for hunting

Everything for hunting at Techniques Chasse et Pêche

Enthusiasts will find all the necessary hunting equipment at "Techniques Chasse et Pêche", because the store in Saint-Hubert, like the one in Gatineau, offers a wide range of choices in their hunting department.

Are you a moose hunter? We have all the equipment to prepare your saltworks and your territory before the Monette farm and Buck expert season. Also, a nice variety of Spypoint cameras to install to capture your Buck on screen.

Do you hunt deer? The bear? "Techniques Chasse et Pêche" offers a whole range of lures and products to attract the largest deer and a fine range of mobile caches (stands) and shelters to settle comfortably on your territory. We offer a huge selection of products to eliminate your odors or crack the big buck in the industry.

Are you a waterfowl hunting enthusiast? “Techniques Chasse et Pêche” offers you one of the best choices of decoys (Flambeau, final approach and Tanglefree) in the whole province. White goose, duck, barnacle, we have everything in store.

Do you practice wild turkey spring hunting? We have the bait birds to lure large gallinaceans as well as the best decoys to attract large bucks.

Do you prefer hunting small game or predators? Again, all the material is in store. Ammunition, safety vests, knives (Buck, Columbia River, CRKT), good backpacks to carry your game. Hunting boots, hunting clothes, underwear and tracksuits (including the famous Under Armour, Mock, Backwood and Green trail) we can dress a hunter (male or female) from head to toe. All provincial hunting licenses are available from “Techniques Chasse et Pêche”.

What makes the difference at "Techniques Chasse et Pêche" in our hunting department? These are the experienced advisers who accompany you in store. They know their products and hunting equipment inside out, they understand your needs because they too are hunters and enthusiasts. They will be able to guide you and answer your questions.